Projects of The Jinnah Society


The Jinnah Anthology is a presentation of the Jinnah Society. It is intended as a “Nation-Building Exercise” and encouragement in the development of leadership in the role model of Mr. Jinnah. It also seeks to strengthen democracy in Pakistan. It is an ideal item for presentation and/or distribution both within and outside Pakistan.

The Jinnah Anthology – First Edition

During the year 1999, the Jinnah Society launched “The Jinnah Anthology” which was compiled and edited by Mr. Liaquat Merchant, President of Jinnah Society, designed by Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and published by Oxford University Press, Karachi. This book was sponsored by corporate sector companies and philanthropic minded citizens. The sale proceeds of this book earned a sum of approximately Rs.10 million which was assigned and transferred to the Society. The successful launch and sale of The Jinnah Anthology is the result of the efforts of Mrs. Ameena Saiyid, Managing Director, Oxford University Press, Mr. Akeel Bilgrami, Executive Director, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and members of The Jinnah Society. The Jinnah Anthology served to achieve the object of propagation of the ideals, principles and vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah as a nation building exercise.


The Jinnah Anthology – Second Edition

The 2nd edition of the Jinnah Anthology, compiled and edited by Liaquat Merchant and Professor Sharif al Mujahid and published by Oxford University Press was launched launched by Oxford University Press and The Jinnah Society at a function held on 20th April 2009 at Karachi.

The Jinnah Anthology was later launched at a function on 29th July 2009 at the Pakistan High Commission in London. This function was largely attended by academics, scholars, historians, journalists and British citizens including those of Pakistan origin to whom Mr. Liaquat Merchant gave a power-point presentation of The Jinnah Anthology. The call for Jinnah’s Pakistan was raised at this launched and was well received and covered by the media. A power-point presentation of The Jinnah Anthology was also given by Mr. Liaquat Merchant at a function. This function was also largely attended by an appreciative audience in Karachi. Some photographs of the above functions appear below.

An audio-visual presentation of the Jinnah Anthology (2nd Edition) was held at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi in April 2009 which was also well attended and widely covered by the media. Mr. Salim Raza Governor State Bank of Pakistan was the chief guest. The gathering was addressed by Mrs. Ameena Saiyid, Liaquat Merchant and Professor Sharif al Mujahid. Mr. Liaquat presented the visual version along with running commentary which was much appreciated by the audience. Some photographs of the above functions appear below.

As the 2nd edition of the Jinnah Anthology was sold out while orders continued to be received from within and outside Pakistan, it was decided to bring out a third edition of the Jinnah Anthology with substantially new and more informative material on Jinnah.

The Jinnah Anthology – Third Edition

The 3rd edition of The Jinnah Anthology was launched at a function held and hosted by Oxford University Press on 30th April 2011 at Karachi. The launch was successful. Mr. Liaquat Merchant and Mr. Imran Khan addressed a large audience which coincided with conferring of Jinnah Awards for the year 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The 3rd Edition is a beautiful presentation on Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. It has new articles, essays, personal recollection and other material on Jinnah procured by research and input by the Editors. The book is intended to provide a source of inspiration to the general reader and aims to re-emphasize Jinnah’s ideals, principles and vision for Pakistan. It covers his views on democracy, justice, equality, integrity, tolerance, fairplay, supremacy of the rule of law, and the rights of women and minorities.

The Jinnah Anthology – Fourth Edition

The Jinnah Society in conjunction with Lightstone Publishers Limited launched the fourth edition of “The Jinnah Anthology”.

The recent edition like the other three has been compiled and edited by Liaquat Merchant and Professor Sharif Al Mujahid.

Unlike most other books on the Quaid, which are either biographies, histories, records or collections, the content of “The Jinnah Anthology” are uniquely varied. There is something of interest and value for everyone, the scholar as well as the student, the historian and the general reader.