Projects of The Jinnah Society


In April 2003, the fourth award was conferred on was conferred on Dr. Ruth Pfau, Chairperson, Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre, Karachi for outstanding services to Pakistan over a period of more than 40 years. The Award was conferred on behalf of the Society by Pakistan’s Minister for Investment and Privatisation Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh. The Award function was followed by an audio-visual presentation of some aspects of Mr. Jinnah’s life and achievements and a live talk show by Ms. Mahreen Khan with the audience on Mr. Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan. The function was attended by 600 persons, approximately. Mrs. Batool Zakir Mehmood gave a presentation on the life and work of Dr. Ruth Pfau. Jinnah Award is not an annual award but it is granted after a careful choice made by members of the Society in consultation with other eminent citizens of Pakistan.